Trofej muflona


It is a paired organ found in ruminant black-tailed hamsters of the genus of chestnuts, a bone enveloped with a shroud covered with a horned scabbard. The base of the corner is formed by a bone horn protruding from the front bone. It is similar to the bone being composed of differently arranged bone beams and strips, the cavities between them being filled with a strongly blooded mucosa. The corner projection is covered externally by the skirt, the middle layer of the skin. The bundle is frayed with nipples through a dense network of blood capillaries. Between the nipple nipples penetrates the skin of the skin and nipples take the nutrition and the substances needed to create a horn. The rooster grows from the bottom of the animal's head. At the root of the corner, the vagina is softer, with a new horn being formed from the annular skin of the horn. Bone corner projection, (reinforcing corner armature), on the contrary, grows mainly at its peak. Since the vagina grows faster than the bone, in the long-haired animals, the tip of the horn-like vagina may extend beyond the bone prong's tip by more than 20 cm. This overlapping part is quite fragile.